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Such a scenario is described as a sexual fantasy by some men and some women. A common but not essential feature of such fantasy scenarios is that the woman's one-sided nudity portrays the woman's sense of vulnerability and humiliation in relation to the clothed man.

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The history of nudity involves social attitudes to nakedness of the human body in different cultures in history. The use of clothing is one of the changes that mark the end of the Neolithic, and the beginning of civilization.

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He waited patiently until I held out my hand. Then we walked up to a long, one-story building next to the taller sanctuary, and he paused, turning to me.

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Then I was mewling, trembling in his arms. He continued to move.

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My palm made contact with a forehead, and I pushed it away with my fingertips.

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Grasped in his loose fist was a folded piece of paper.

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Only one.

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Slowly, he pulled the sheet away, revealing my heaving breasts.

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Just like where I'd seen Chris last year.

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