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And, if that is the martyr , you are certainly not alone.

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But he never did. Instead, he continually encouraged me.

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Of all the things I thought I'd say if he proposed, I probably surprised both of us when I blurted, "The turkey!" Chris chuckled, grappling at me as I tried to climb off the bed. "Whoa.

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"Out with it. " His hand pressed my head back to his shoulder.

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In addition to trying to avoid speaking, I was trying to avoid coming because he hadn't given permission.

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Twenty minutes later, I was handing out my first survey after several rejections. We had been stationed in front of one of those preppy stores.

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"I know it probably doesn't mean much, but I'm sorry.

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Once again, Dirk was to blame for my sour mood. I'd not yet confronted him about the incident from last Halloween.

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He pulled his hand out from behind his back, revealing a small, rectangular, black box.

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